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Piping Systems

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We have experience using copper tube in the following areas: Domestic, Residential, Commercial and Industrial plumbing. The flexibility and reliability of copper offers significant benefits for an array of piping systems which include plumbing, gas, drainage, refrigeration, air conditioning, fire services, air, steam and medical installations. We use 3 systems for joining: 1.

We have vast experience using ABS/PVC. Both are proven industrial pipework systems combining corrosion resistance, toughness and economy in an extensive range of pipe work, fittings, valves and joining systems. Both ABS & PVC are joined by a solvent glue welding process providing fast, simple high integrity jointing with no additional equipment required.

We have experience in the fabrication and installation of polypropylene piping systems and fabrication of specialised tanks, scrubbers and other items using Polypropylene. This material is often chosen for it's high resistance to corrosion and chemical leaching.

Polyethelene Pipework Budeena Power Station

We have experience using Polyethylene for piping systems and fabrication in many industries. Polyethylene is the most popular plastic in the world and is manufactured in different grades and density's to suit any application. It is a flexible product and has good resistance to U.V, acids and alkalis. It retains it's toughness and pliability over a wide temperature range.

We have experience in the installation of PVDF piping systems and fabrication. PVDF is a specialty plastic material used generally in applications requiring the highest purity, strength and resistance to solvents and acids as well as heat.. It has good resistance to aggressive chemicals and has a high temperature resistance.

FRP BlueScope Steel

We have experience in FRP and fabrication. Fibre Reinforced Pipe is being used in many industrial product applications including the storage and transfer of corrosive materials or the handling of other materials in a corrosive environment. FRP has high resistance to acids and chemicals.

Steel Gas Main Westcliff Colliery

We have experience manufacturing pipe and structural steel. Commonly used and can be black, galvanised or painted. Used in all industries. Systems for joining : welding, flanging, screwed, victaulic -roll grooved or shouldered mechanical joints. Size Range DN6-DN1800 (PICTURE: STEEL GAS MAIN WESTCLIFF COLLIERY NSW).

We have experience using all grades of stainless steel. Commonly used where appearance is a priority and should not rust or corrode under normal climatic conditions. Has been used in many industries for storage tanks, transfer pipework, food industry, medical and anywhere where corrosion or staining of surface could cause a health risk.

We have experience in using secondary containment piping systems. Mainly used for fuels, oils, chemicals, liquids, tanks and tankers and storage for all hazardous materials. A combination of materials are available depending on medium being carried. Size Range DN100-DN150 We have experience in fabrication using Polycarb. sheet or tube.